Refinance Bad Credit
Mortgage Refinance for Borrowers with Bad Credit, No Equity Home Loans or an Uncooperative Lender

As the nation's leader for 2nd chance home loans, Bridge Mortgages provides people the opportunity to refinance bad credit into an affordable fixed rate mortgage with no hidden fees or sneaky adjustable rates. Our refinance lenders offer bad credit refinance options to borrowers with less than perfect credit who need a mortgage loan with set terms. Unfortunately many of the subprime loans borrowers took out a few years ago led to negative amortization and adjustable rate mortgages that homeowners could not afford when the interest rates reset. With interest rates starting to inch up, now is the right time to refinance bad credit and adjustable rate mortgages because fixed rates are still near record lows.

We Offer Second Chance Refinancing with Bad Credit Scores

We believe in borrowers that want to rectify their home loan finances. We provide low mortgage rates for bad credit refinancing. Take advantage of these second chance loans that provide a new opportunity to refinance bad credit and consolidate high interest debt. Did you know that almost 25% of homeowners that have a mortgage underwater need bad credit refinancing because their fico scores are below the 620 threshold? Many lenders scoff at applicants that have below-average credit scores even if they have a borrowing history that proves they have never been late on a home loan payment. Bridge is a lending company that frequently goes out on a limb by extending 2nd chance home loans for good borrowers regardless of their scores with Trans Union, Equifax or Experian.

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Can I Refinance My Home Mortgage with Bad Credit Scores?

Yes, Bridge offers bad credit refinancing and cash out loans for consolidating credit card and revolving debt. Borrowers must demonstrate that they have the ability to repay the proposed loans and explain that the late payments on their credit scores were isolated instances. Once your credit has improved you can refinance into prime rate mortgages that maximizes the lowest possible payment. Our mortgages for bad credit do not include pre-payment penalties and exorbitant closing costs.


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BD Nationwide published an article about finding a lender that offered a second chance for borrowers with a poor credit past. They defined “bad credit refinancing” as a homeowner renewing the terms on the mortgage with less than perfect credit scores.

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, a refinance with money coming back to the borrower is allowed on FHA loans with the maximum LTV of any at 85%. The calculation is based either off the appraised value or the original sales price, depending on the length of time the borrower has owned the property. Read more from HUD on Mortgage Credit Refinances.

Have you been rejected from a mortgage credit because you are underwater or for having credit scores that are deemed as too low? There are several 2nd chance loan programs for refinancing that provide impressive opportunities for distressed homeowners to achieve a new mortgage with a lower payment and fixed interest rate.