Hard Money Loans for Lots and Land

Bridge Mortgages offers hard money loans for purchasing land, lots and home construction. We provide hard money lot loans for development in high cost regions like California, New Jersey, New York, DC, Nevada, Arizona and Florida. As a bridge loan lender specialize in land loans and gap-funding for spec homes. We understand the difficulty of today's lending environment and that is why our hard money lenders are here to jump-start your real estate investments with low cost short-term financing. Most banks and lenders want nothing to do with non-owner investment properties and hard money land loans, but our private money lenders see things differently. Bridge Mortgages know that the economy will get revived when real estate investors are given more opportunities with low cost home construction and reasonable land loans. Get a free quote and learn more about our hard money loan programs today.

Fixed Home Loan Refinance Rates Starting at 3%!

Most conventional lenders and banks are not interested in anything that does not completely match the guidelines set forth by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Our lenders offer hard money loans and bridge financing for land, lots and flipping.

Land Loans

Land loans are higher risk, so most banks do not extend financing for vacant lots and mixed-use land. Bridge Mortgages has built a strong reputation within the hard money community because we deliver private money programs for lot and land loans.

  • Low Cost Hard Money Loans
  • Land loans up to 65% of sales price
  • Reduced and stated income loans make the lending process much
  • Poor credit and low fico scores, past bankruptcy or foreclosure allowed

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