No Equity Loan
Second Mortgage and Refinance Loans for Borrowers with No Equity

Bridge Mortgages offers no equity home loan options and 125 mortgage loans to homeowners who are suffering from a loss of equity. Millions of homeowners lost their home equity between 2006 and 2009 because of the housing and foreclosure crisis that caused home values to depreciate across the country. Homeowners in California, Arizona and Nevada have suffered devastating equity losses in 2008 and 2009 and property values continued to plummet.

Bridge Mortgages can help you get a low rate even on bad credit loans.

  • No Equity Refinancing
  • 100% VA Mortgages
  • FHA Loan with No Equity
  • 125% Refinancing
  • FHA Streamline
  • Bill Consolidation
  • State Income Loans
  • Bad Credit Second Mortgage
  • Home Equity Refinance

Can I Refinance My Home with No Equity?

Yes, as a leading home equity lender, we provide no equity loans to borrowers with good credit, but have experienced a hardship that caused them to lose the equity in their home. Choose from a no equity second mortgage or HARP mortgage refinancing for a limited time.



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