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In recent years home refinancing has become a commodity for homeowners and the bad credit home loan refinance options like VA, FHA and subprime loans continue to gain market-share. Bridge offers fixed mortgage rates as low as 3%.

Traditional home loan refinancing has tightened so government home refinance loans have become the focal points. In recent years, house refinancing has become a commodity for homeowners and the bad credit home loan refinance options like VA refinancing and FHA home refinance continue to gain market-share. Traditional home loan refinancing has tightened so government home refinance loans have become the focal points. Bridge Mortgages provides premium lending online with home refinance loans with rate specials for fixed rate refinance products like: FHA, jumbo and non-conforming loan options. Bad credit home refinancing has become more challenging this year as many lenders have raised the credit score requirements on most of the home refinance programs. This makes works with an experienced mortgage lender like Bridge more important than ever before.

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The banks are buried in paperwork with home refinancing processing times averaging nearly 90 days for Wells Fargo, Chase and Citi Mortgage. At Bridge Mortgages we have been able to close home refinancing loans between 20 and 30 days.

Home Refinance to 100% - Great idea for 1st-time home-buyers. Bridge Mortgages offers 70 - 100% home refinancing to $750,000 and loans up to $2,000,000 with 80% concurrent refinancing. FHA home refinancing is approved up to 96.5% LTV. The FHA limits for loan amounts varies from state to state with mortgage limits from $271,000 to $729,000. 100% Home refinancing loan opportunities have dwindled for most Americans, but if you are affiliated with the military and meet the VA loan eligibility requirements, then VA home refinancing is a great solution. Compare rates and terms with Nationwide on the upside down mortgage refinance program. Make sure you get a home refinancing loan that has no penalty for an early payment. Many subprime companies include a pre-payment penalty if you pay-off or refinance prior to the first sixty months.

Home Affordable Refinance Program - So many homeowners were stranded with underwater mortgages and adjustable rates that the Federal Government had to get involved. They removed the loan to value stipulations on home refinancing so now many people are able to get rid of their bad loan. The HARP 2.0 has wiped away all "loan to value" standards for borrowers that have a mortgage that is owned by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae.

VA Home Refinancing to 100% - This may be the last 100% mortgage standing. The VA loan department guarantees one hundred percent financing to active military and veterans. If you already have a VA mortgage, consider a streamline refinance that automates the refinancing process. The VA home mortgage refinancing process is different than a conventional mortgage, so working with an experienced VA lender like Bridge is vital.

Home Refinancing with Bad Credit

Bad Credit Home Refinancing - Available from 500 credit scores and up, Bridge Mortgages offers people loans 1-Day out of Bankruptcy. If you are a homeowner with credit card debt, or an adjustable rate mortgage, look no further. FHA refinancing is popular again as the government refinance program still does not consider credit scores when underwriting mortgage loans. Conforming home loans are better than ever, so if you have a mortgage under $417,000 that needs to be refinance and then look no further. Consider paying off high interest debt or financing home construction. No equity is needed, so get approved while this program is available with low interest rates.

Mortgage Refinancing Tips - Helpful Home Loan Advise
By Rebecca Sparenberg

Looking for the best house refinance? Well stop, donít rush; there are a few things you should consider before home refinancing. With interest rates at an all-time low, refinancing can save you thousands of dollars. However, if you rush into a new rate without negotiate for the best deal or you donít understanding all the details of your new mortgage you could end up losing money.

Does Home Refinancing Make Sense for You in Today's Market?

A general rule is that refinancing becomes while if the current interest rate on your mortgage is at least two percent higher than the prevailing market rate. However, depending on your loan amount, you might choose to refinance a loan that is only one-point-five percentage points higher than the current rate. Are you able to save money without increasing the balance on your mortgage? You should be able to answer this question with confidence. Continue with complete article - Refinancing Tips

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