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Bridge delivers bad credit mortgage solutions online with VA, FHA loans and subprime refinancing for good & bad credit mortgages. We provide mortgage relief options for all types of credit for residential financing. As a national lender we are one of the few lenders that work with borrowers suffering from poor credit or a lack of equity. As a bad credit mortgage lender, we make home financing available with refinancing and purchase loan solutions that help prevent people from foreclosures and payment defaults. As the economy is beginning to turn around, our underwriters are able to eliminate some of the red tape associated with bad credit mortgage programs. Don't wait for interest rates to turn directions before solidifying your financial situation with regards to your home loan.

Quick and Easy Approvals on Mortgages for People with Bad Credit

Refinance Bad Credit and Save with Fixed Mortgage Rates and Reduced Lending Fees!

Most people are refinancing with debt consolidation loans, credit lines, but many 1st time homebuyers are taking out home purchase loans. Bridge offers bad credit mortgages for both conforming and jumbo loan amounts. Bad credit second mortgage loans are more difficult to qualify for than in previous years. Bad credit Loan options are still available with FHA and VA mortgage loans.

Limited and No Credit Home Mortgage Loans for First Time Home Buyers

Borrowers with challenged credit can choose from FHA, sub-prime mortgages or hard money if they equity. FHA continues to promote liberal refinancing with equity because they allow rate and term refinancing and purchase loans. FHA mortgages also allow people who have poor credit access to programs like the cash back refinance loan that encourages debt consolidation and refinancing adjustable rate consumer loans. VA finance solutions enable military homeowners with bad credit to refinance into a more affordable payment.

Bridge Mortgages can help you with Refinance, Purchase and Home Equity Loans.

  • Credit Scores from 500
  • 100% Single Mortgage
  • Bad Credit Refinance
  • Consolidate Bills
  • Refinance for Cash
  • State Income Available
  • Bad Credit Second Mortgage
  • Hard Money Refinancing

Can I still Refinance My Home if I have Bad Credit?

Yes! Bridge has helped thousands of borrowers with a poor credit history get approved for great loans. We can help you with refinancing your current loan, or get you qualified for a cost effective mortgage loan. We will help you compare interest rates for several loan programs. Our bad credit lenders offer solutions for bill consolidation, home construction, and cash out refinancing.

Refinance and choose a payment type that meets your financial needs: Select from Interest Only, Negative Amortization and Fixed Rate terms with Principal and Interest Paid each month. Bridge Mortgages has the knowledge and experience to find a mortgage program that works with your credit score and equity situation. Home loan rates have maintained affordability in 2012, but how long will the low rates last?

Bridge Understands the Challenges of Refinancing Bad Credit

  • 2/28, 3/27, 5/25: Fixed Rate with Interest Only Payments Available
  • 30, 40 and 50 year fixed rate terms available
  • 15 and 30 year Traditional Rate & Term Refinancing
  • 15 and 30 year Fixed Rate FHA Streamline Refinance
  • 30 and 40 year Cash Out Refinance Loans

Unfortunately, things come up in life that cause good people to make credit mistakes that can result in poor credit scores. We have loan programs that are designed to get people with bad credit back on their feet. Credit repair programs can help, but often times they can take years to reverse bad credit. Many homeowners can't wait years to refinance, so Bridge Mortgages offers a great opportunity to rebuild your credit and save some money by consolidating some debt into your mortgage.

Question: How long does someone have to be out of a bankruptcy to qualify for an FHA loan?

Answer: Guidelines for FHA state two years must have elapsed since the discharge of the bankruptcy. However, between one & two years may be acceptable if the bankruptcy was due to unfortunate circumstances beyond the borrower's control. The FHA underwriters will consider this exception if they believe the credit problems is unlikely to recur, and the borrower has re-established enough good credit. Late mortgage payments after a bankruptcy usually will result in your loan being rejected. Buying a home with bad credit is still an option with FHA because they only require a fico score of 500.

FHA Home Loans for Bad Credit - Buying a home can challenging enough, so the last thing you need is to get hassled for limited or poor credit. FHA help thousands of first time homebuyers each year secure financing with a low fixed rate 30-year mortgage. Bridge Mortgages extends credit to borrower's 1-Day out of Bankruptcy. FHA offer similar loan guidelines as subprime mortgages without the high interest rates.

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