Home Equity Loans for People with a Bad Credit Mortgage History


Bridge provides equity loans for cash out and debt consolidation even with bad credit scores. Subprime loan products are not offered by many lenders online anymore, but we continue to provide bad credit home equity options to people with a wide range of credit scores. If you have poor credit, but have equity we may be able to find you a bad credit mortgage or equity loan that offers you quick cash regardless of your fico scores. If you are a homeowner struggling to qualify to get access to money, consider the bad credit equity loan from Bridge that helps people get back on their feet.

Home Equity 100% - This loan is offered for paying off high interest debt or financing home construction. 580 credit scores can get you approved for 100% financing. Finding a lender that is willing to risk a 100% equity loan with bad credit is next to impossible, unless you connect with the Bridge lending company. Nationwide defines an equity loan as a "2nd mortgage" because it is a secured lien that is in second position on title. If a homeowner sells their home, the 1st mortgage company is paid first and the 2nd mortgage company is paid second by the escrow company at closing.

Bad Credit Equity Loan Refinancing - Available from 560 credit scores and up, Bridge offers people loans 1-Day out of Bankruptcy. If you are a homeowner with credit card debt, or variable rate mortgage, look no further. Cash Out Loan for Consolidation

Additional Equity Loan Options * A-D Credit

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The Fair Credit Reporting Act

Credit impacts many stages of the loan process. It requires that the ordering of a credit report be solely for the purpose of underwriting an equity loan or other credit or collection purposes. In underwriting the loan, it regulates the manner in which information from consumer reporting agencies is used. The act also has disclosure requirements if a loan request is denied. Lenders are required to retain adverse action disclosure statements for 25 months. Lenders who pass on information in consumer reports, or other information obtained on consumers, to third parties can be inadvertently become consumer reporting agencies.


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*All pricing and underwriting requirements are subject to change at any time without notice on all loans including the bad credit mortgage.

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