100% Home Financing
No Money Down Loan Benefits

Lock into a VA home financing with no down-payment required for active military and qualified veterans. Did you know that 100% home loans do not require a deposit or down-payment? Can you imagine having the ability to finance a home with no deposit? Bridge Mortgages provides 100% home loans with VA, conventional, FHA and down-payment assistance loan options for first time homebuyers. The Veteran Affairs allows qualified vets to get one hundred percent home loans. This enables people to preserve their savings when buying a home and this is very important for first time homebuyers. Many new homeowners are unaware of many of the new cost involved in owning a home. If you are looking home loans with no deposit, we are likely a good lending fit for you. Zero-down home financing is a commodity these days, so work with a lender like Bridge that has the experience and pricing you need.

With Record Low Rates Now is the Best Time for
100% Financing on Homes Countrywide

VA, FHA, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have all made significant contributions to first time homebuyers by offering home mortgages that include low mortgage rates and no equity financing. Many reports from Washington indicate that HUD will tightening FHA guidelines in 2010, but the VA Department of Home Affairs has renewed their commitment to insuring 100% VA loan options going forward. Compare home Loans with no down-payment.

100% Home Financing
Purchase a Home with
Zero Down Payment!

VA Home Loans to 100% - Keep your money in the bank! Now you can finance the cost of buying the house and keep your cash. Home loans that are guaranteed by the Veterans Affairs are one of the last 100% options but you must have your VA eligibility to qualify. They guarantee no deposit home loans to all eligible borrowers.

FHA Home Loans to 97% - FHA only requires 3% down and the interest rates are as low as conventional rates that require nearly perfect credit. FHA lending is more forgiving when it comes to credit scores. According to reports, FHA will be releasing a down payment assistance loan program to help 1st time homebuyers and borrowers in lower income regions of the country.

Refinance to 100% - Great idea for 1st-time home-buyers. Bridge Mortgages offers 110% refinancing to $750,000 and loans up to $2,000,000 with 90% concurrent refinancing.

2nd Mortgages - A few years ago, 80-20 loans were popular mortgages for one hundred percent financing, but with all of the second mortgage defaults, lending has changed. Today, we suggest a cash out refinance loan rather than a 2nd lien for paying off high interest debt or financing home construction. No equity is needed, so get approved while this program is available with low interest rates. According to Nationwide, 2nd mortgage rates fell to their lowest point in 2012.

Low Credit Score Refinancing - Available from 500 credit scores and up, Bridge Mortgages offers people loans 1-Day out of Bankruptcy. If you are a homeowner with credit card debt, or an adjustable rate mortgage, look no further. Apply Now for a 100% Home Loan

Fannie Mae today announced that it will apply new conforming loan limits, as determined by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight based on federal data on mean (average) home prices, to increase its single-family mortgage loan limit beyond $417,000 for 2013 and 2014.

As a result of the new loan limit, Fannie Mae estimated in 2012, as many as an additional 466,326 homeowners would be eligible for a conforming loan.

Secondary Market Tightens on 100% Financing

The financing segment where home financing investors buy and sell mortgages they made. These home loans were closed by mortgage lenders and brokers then bundled together and sold in bulk in an effort to obtain a higher yield or rebate from the buyers Wall Street. The secondary market offers valuable liquidity for the mortgage banking investors. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac provide the most significant market share for selling loans on the secondary market. The loans from 100% home financing pool on Wall Street saw a significant increase in delinquent payments in 2007. In addition payment defaults from these 80-20 home loans also increased causing foreclosure rates to jump.


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VA Home Mortgage Loans

Surviving spouses are typically eligible for a VA home refinancing as well. Credit scores and income requirements are more flexible VA mortgages than with conventional home loans.

  • Zero Down required
  • No Mortgage Insurance
  • 100% Refinancing
  • Loan amounts up to $725,000

Best Ever Rates for Home Buying With interest rates hitting their lowest points of the century, home financing appears to be back in style. The Veterans Affairs Department guarantees 100% financing to all qualified military veterans in all 50 states.

According to NMN, Fannie Mae has announced that they will be tightening underwriting guidelines on home loans that have an adjustable interest rate These ARM's accounted for only 4% of the FNM total purchases last quarter.