10-year Mortgage Rates

The ten year fixed rate mortgage saw a surge in popularity in 2011 because the interest rates dropped to 3%. The reality is that most homeowners are not able to qualify for the 10-year mortgage because their debt to income ratio is too high, but if cash flow and credit are not an issue, we strongly recommend locking into a loan now because these are the lowest 10-year mortgage rates ever recorded. With home loan rates this discounted most borrowers have a genuine opportunity to save lots of money.

Qualify for 10-year Mortgage with a Fixed Rate as low as 3%

  • Lock into a 10-year mortgage for a primary residence or 2nd home.
  • Shorten your term with a 10-year mortgage refinance.
  • Pay off adjustable rate loans with a fixed ten year note.
  • Imagine having no monthly mortgage payments after 120 months
Fixed Rate 10-Year Rates

Other mortgage alternatives: The 10 year mortgage has become a popular alternative to the 15 year home loan. 10-year mortgage rates are even low than the 15-year loans, but you must have substantial income to qualify because the monthly payment is significantly higher than the traditional 30-year mortgage. Compare the fifteen and ten year mortgage rates now while money has become so affordable.

Get Approved for 10-Year Mortgage with Rates Starting at 2.875%

You can choose from a variety of mortgage terms when processing your loan with Bridge.

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10-Year Mortgage Rates

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Fixed 10 Year Mortgage Rates

If you can afford the higher payment of a ten year mortgage, you could own your house in 120 months.

Mortgage News Post
In a recent mortgage news article published online, Lead Planet founder and mortgage marketing specialist Bryan Dornan, discussed the emergence of the ten-year mortgage. According to Dornan, "The 10-year home loan is for savvy borrowers looking to maximize cheap money." The Federal Reserve continues to print more money and hold key interest rates at their lowest level ever.

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