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Most lenders are tightening new home loan guidelines but our company is introducing purchase mortgage programs for all types of home buyers. Bridge Mortgages extends credit and 100% finance options with new home loans for first time homebuyers searching for a purchase loan online. People have been looking all over the place to find no money down loans, but fortunately Bridge Mortgage still offers affordable housing initiatives and 100% financing with several new home loans.

As interest rates continue to fall, new home loan options are becoming more appealing because real estate prices are declining and rent prices are rising. Many first time home buyers have the opportunity to get a fixed 30-year purchase mortgage at 3.5%.

New homeowners who need some extra cash to pay for improvements should set up a credit line or take out a home equity loan that provides instant money for borrowers who have extended themselves with their recent real estate transaction. We offer a wide variety of new house loans.

New Home Loans

Bridge Mortgages can help you with Home Purchase Loans and Home Equity Credit Lines.

  • Bad Credit Purchase Loans
  • 100% Purchase Mortgage
  • Jumbo Home Financing
  • No Money Down Financing
  • New Home Loan Programs
  • No Income-No Asset Program
  • Interest-Only Home Mortgages
  • FHA for First Time House Loans

Can I still Purchase a Home if my Credit Scores are Low?

Bridge Mortgages has helped thousands of 1st time homebuyers with bad credit scores get approved for affordable purchase loans. We can help you qualify for a new home loan that works with your budget. We will help you consider several options for interest rates and terms with several of our competitive home loan programs. Our home financing provides solutions for consumers countrywide.

  • 3/27, 5/25, 7/23 10/20: Fixed Rate Hybrid Loans with Interest Only Payment Options
  • 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 Year fixed rate terms available on New Home Loans
  • 15 and 30 year Traditional Principal and Interest Amortization
  • 5/25 and 30 Year Payment Option ARM’s with Negative Amortization
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Check out the latest Home Loan Programs Available for:

* Non-Conforming Purchase
* FHA Home Mortgages
* Home Equity Credit Lines
* Government Veteran Loans
* 80-20 Home Loans
* Hard Money Financing
* 2nd Home Purchase Loans