Home Equity Loans for Borrowers with Bad Credit


Bridge is an online mortgage lender providing sub-prime options with bad credit home loans countrywide with home equity loan solutions for borrowers with low credit scores. Most lenders do not want take risks with bad credit home equity loans, but Bridge continues to introduce equity loan opportunities.

Many homeowners have been plagued by tragedies with their family and employment. If you have experienced some financial hardships recently, there is a good chance it may have taken its toll on your credit score. If your credit score has dropped below 600, and mortgage lenders are turning you down because they consider you a bad credit risk, it is time to check out Bridge Mortgages.

Bridge offers a home equity loan for people with bad credit. If you have a little bit of equity, and a good job, the chances are good that Bridge Mortgage will get you approved for an equity loan, even if you have bad credit scores.

Review Bad Credit Home Equity Loans for Low Rate Refinancing & Cash Back

Stay up to date with current mortgage industry news: At Bridge Mortgages, we will help you utilize your home equity wisely. Our loan experts will find the right bad credit home equity loan solution for saving you money!

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Home Equity Loans for Bad Credit

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Why Is the Federal Reserve Meeting So Important to Interest Rates?
When Federal Reserve board members speak, the financial community listens. That's why the Fed's meetings create such excitement. These men and women are viewed as the gurus of the American economy.

Just a few years ago, bad credit equity loans were available from every direction. When the foreclosure crisis kicked in, most banks cut off their home equity loans for bad credit.

With the present turbulent position of the economy, the opinions and predictions made by the Federal Reserve have greater significance than they usually do. The future of the housing market is a major concern for everybody. The direction of the employment market is another area of the economy that is in great question. Plus, with manufacturing activity and retail sales slumping, there are a lot of unanswered questions. The Fed's job is to try to make sense of it all and act accordingly. As default rates rise, it becomes more and more difficult for banks to approve bad credit equity loans.

But, even as we face all these unknowns, the Fed has chosen to focus on inflation. They do address the other issues as well. However, they have said time and time again that their primary concern is inflation. It's true that inflation did get a little out of hand in the first half of this year. But most people would agree that the Fed needs to be more cognizant of how they are hurting the rest of the economy.

However, when Congress passes the Dodd-Frank reform bill and lenders are forced to tighten guidelines it makes it very tough for companies to continue offering home equity loans for bad credit.

So, put very simply, the Federal Reserve meeting has a drastic impact on most facets of the economy. And because the Fed's opinion is so highly valued, if they express doubt about any part of the economy, people respond accordingly. This is why the Fed meetings are always so highly anticipated.


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