FHA Refinance Rates

Borrowers looking to save money from refinancing have to be pleased with the fixed FHA rates. Even homeowners with little equity or low credit scores have an opportunity to lower their mortgage payment with today's FHA refinance rates. Borrowers have been able to save thousands of dollars a year because FHA interest rates have fallen to such low levels. We are one of the few lenders that offer the streamline program for FHA customers that have an upside down mortgage.

Compare FHA Refinance Rates on Fixed Terms Starting at 3%
  • Choose from 10, 15 and 30-Year with FHA refinancing
  • Consider 3/1 and 5/1 ARM with low FHA rates
  • If you have little equity in your home, consider FHA for refinancing, because the guidelines enable refinancing to 96.5% LTV.
  • FHA allows cash back up to 85% loan to value.
FHA Refinance Rates

Cost of Funding Index Rates Dropping to Near Record Lows

The Eleventh Federal Home Loan District Cost of Funds Index for April is at its third lowest point ever and the lowest since November 2009. April's index is 1.359%, a drop of nearly 10 basis points from March's 1.452%. The all-time low for COFI is 1.259% in October 2009.

COFI is a weighted average calculation of what it costs Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco eligible members to originate home loans. Many mortgage programs use the COFI index to price adjustable-rate home loans.

The monthly average commitment rate for the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage hit its record low in June 2012 at 3.5%. It then reached 3.75% for March before falling 3.625% for both April and May. The streamline refinance rates have reached record levels once again falling below 3.25% for the first time ever.

You can choose from a variety of mortgage terms when processing your loan with Bridge.

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FHA Refinance Rates

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Stay up to date with affordable U.S. government mortgage rates.

The government refinance rates have declined to record lows. In 2012 refinance rates with FHA dropped to the level of conventional mortgage rates.

Mortgage insurance premiums have risen significantly on FHA loans, so verify the total monthly payments when refinancing with FHA, before you get too excited.

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*All FHA rates for refinancing, pricing, underwriting requests and other requirements are subject to change without notice.