Federal Mortgage Rates

Since the housing bubble burst in 2007, the Federal Reserve has increased its role in an effort to help correct the U.S. real estate market. Federal mortgage rates have dipped to record levels and borrowers are utilizing government mortgage loans more than ever. Whether it's Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, USDA, VA or FHA, government mortgage rates continue to support the nation with affordable home financing. The Federal Reserve continues to back mortgages in addition to purchasing bad mortgage debt. Most economists believe that the Fed cannot continue to print money to support bad mortgages for first time home buyers.

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Federal Mortgage Rates

Cost of Funding Index Rates Dropping to Near Record Lows

The Eleventh Federal Home Loan District Cost of Funds Index for April is at its third lowest point ever and the lowest since November 2009. April's index is 1.359%, a drop of nearly 10 basis points from March's 1.452%. The all-time low for COFI is 1.259% in October 2009.

COFI is a weighted average calculation of what it costs Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco eligible members to originate home loans. Many mortgage programs use the COFI index to price adjustable-rate home loans.

The monthly average commitment rate for the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage hit its record low in October 2010 at 4.23%. It then reached 4.95% for February before falling 4.84% for both March and April.

You can choose from a variety of mortgage terms when processing your loan with Bridge.

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Federal Mortgage Rates

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Lending Volume by State
Rank State 2009
1 California $ 464,589,465
2 Texas $ 138,725,212
3 Illinois $ 121,874,989
4 Virginia $ 110,819,560
5 New Jersey $ 109,194,900
6 Washington $ 99,718,910
7 New York $ 96,217,566
8 Massachusetts $ 94,762,556
9 Florida $ 89,544,274
10 Pennsylvania $ 86,898,610

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*All federal mortgage rates, pricing, and lending requirements are subject to change without notice. The Federal Reserve does not make loans.