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Bridge Mortgages works with Countrywide lenders that provide home mortgage loans with bad credit for refinance or VA, FHA purchase with no cost home loan options. With many years of experience as a mortgage lender, we understand the value of shopping home loans with reliable lenders. We developed an online marketplace so that consumers can get info on home mortgages and then shop lenders for competitive rates and terms. We can connect consumer with loan companies offering attractive 30-year fixed mortgage rates. Whether you have high or low fico scores, we can help you find mortgages that meet your needs. Shop home mortgage loans with bad credit.

A few years back our lending team enhanced our online platform so consumers can get info on FHA, VA and conventional home mortgages while comparing interest rates and terms at their leisure. We have assembled a network of reputable mortgage lenders that provide refinance and debt consolidation loans for good people with a questionable credit scores. Our lenders offer prime and sub-prime home loans, but our mission is to find a mortgage or home loan for bad credit applicants that have the will to make their payments on time going forward. We started out as a bad credit lender that provided finance solutions for people regardless of their good or bad credit scores. Bridge believes that you are more than a credit score and our lending affiliates will treat your professionally and offer home mortgages with responsible loan programs.

Learn More about Today's 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

Since the mortgage-meltdown, bad credit mortgages can be difficult to find, but Bridge continues to connect consumers with lenders that offer affordable home loan programs and refinance mortgages with liberal guidelines for credit and equity requirements. Home loan rates are at record lows so save some money with one of our no cost home loans. Home refinance loans have become very popular again this year as interest rates have dropped to an unchartered territory. Credit requirements have increased a bit over the last few years, but there are many loan relief programs that may help you accomplish your home loan refinance goals. Now is a great time to refinance your bad mortgage into a great fixed rate loan that you can afford. For many distressed homeowners, the FHA insured loan may be the home refinancing solution borrowers need. Consumers enjoy the lower monthly payments and the credit flexibility that government underwriting extends to people with less than perfect credit. Keep in mind that FHA requires borrowers to pay mortgage insurance monthly, so it isn't always the perfect fit.

Find Home Loans for Bad Credit - FHA Refinancing Hard Money Loan

We are a nationally distinguished full service mortgage lender with several decades of financial experience with Fannie Mae conventional home loans, poor credit refinancing, FHA purchase transactions and home equity loans. Bridge understands that consumers in most towns have suffered setbacks with employment, interest rate adjustments, late payments and low credit scores. That is why our bad credit mortgage loans were designed to be forgiving enough to qualify for but maintain competitive pricing so people would have the ability to make their mortgage payment each month. In addition, we also provide non-traditional programs that include, bridge, construction and hard money loans. Talk to a Bridge lender today about home mortgage loans for people with bad credit and possible private money financing opportunities.

Should I Refinance My Home?


Equity Loan or Refinancing?

Refinancing your home can save you money, but consider both sides before committing to a new loan. Review your mortgage options with a trusted lender on a regular basis so that you are comfortable knowing you have the best possible rate at all times. Home refinance rates fell to record levels, so the affordability factor is strong. Refinancing programs change all the time, so even if you were turned down previously does not mean you will not be approved for one of the new refinance programs.

What type of mortgage refinance do you qualify for? Conventional, FHA, HARP or Sub-Prime home loans? For example, if you have bad credit, a FHA mortgage should be considered because they feature a low interest rate.

Consider answering the following 4 questions below before rushing into refinancing a home.

1. How long do you plan on staying at your current residence? If you plan on staying there for a while, a 30-year fixed rate mortgage is recommended.

2. Do you need to consolidate any consumer debt like credit cards or personal loans because the payments are adjusting with high rates?

3. Will this new home refinance loan reduce your mortgage payments monthly without adding years on your loan?

4. Home refinance rates are at 50-year lows, so get approved for a low rate loan today!


Both home equity and refinance Loans can be very pragmatic tools for homeowners who consolidate variable interest rate debt. In some cases, borrowers can actually convert their bad credit debts into a positive trade line that could increase your poor credit score.

Most people take out home equity loans because they are efficient methods for raising capital for home improvement financing and refinancing personal bills that have high interest rates.

In most cases you need good credit for second mortgages, but Bridge still offers a few bad credit home equity loans to qualified borrowers. We suggest that you learn your credit scores before shopping lenders online.

Interest rates are higher with equity loans than with first mortgage loans and refinancing will actually require less equity than the second mortgages demand. The HARP refinance extends low rate offers to homeowners that have an underwater loan. Home equity credit lines and closed end home equity loans are very difficult to qualify for in this credit crunch era.

Some people may need to refinance their mortgage to get cash out especially if you have no equity or your first mortgage is under-water.

HUD has expanded many of the home refinancing products that benefit thousands of homeowners who have virtually no equity left as property values declining so much in recent years.


Most likely by now you realize the potential savings from refinancing your credit obligations into a loan with a 30-year fixed interest rate, but there are additional tax incentives to consider. The IRS allows homeowners to deduct interest with 1st mortgages 100%. Talk to a tax advisor about tax deductibility. However homeowners taking out a home equity loan may be limited to tax deduction for home equity interest up to $100,000.

Refinance Bad Credit with FHA Mortgages, No Equity Loans or VA Refinancing

Bridge has built good relationships with competitive lenders that offer a home mortgage loans for people with poor credit. (Read more about Bad Credit Home Loans.)

Ask about new programs promoting home mortgages with no lending fees. Sometimes borrowers would rather not pay points or any closing costs for that matter. Reduced cost mortgages are available to qualified borrowers so discuss your eligibility with your loan officer today. (For more information about discounted lending, see No closing cost mortgage.)

Recent Home Mortgage News

The Obama administration has implemented several bail-out packages that target homeowner relief, with refinancing, loan restructuring and in some cases, debt forgiveness. In 2010 Congress kept the FHA limits at the 2009 levels but the home purchase refinance guidelines tightened significantly. In 2014, it looks like the loan limits will remain at 2013 levels.

Home Mortgage Loan Rates Smashed Record Again Last Year

The Federal Reserve renewed his commitment to discounted interest rates as the fears of a double-dip recession persist. With high unemployment nationally, you can expect home mortgage rates to remain extremely low in 2014 and possibly 2015.

The secondary market has nearly come to a halt. Most mortgage lenders and banks are not offering any home equity loans above 80%, but we work with equity loan lenders that still offer cash out to 90%. In lieu of the equity line opportunity most homeowners have gone back to getting cash the old fashioned way, with first mortgage refinancing. Many of our refinance mortgages allow cash back from eighty five to ninety five percent Loan-to-Value (LTV).

If you were delinquent on your mortgage no more than once in the last year than you may be eligible for the Home Affordable Refinance Program. This new plan makes sense because there are no "loan to value" requirements to qualify. The HARP refinance is a bold initiative that could potentially help us escape from the housing crisis.

FHA discontinued the Hope for Homeowners which was created to help struggling homeowners get better access to bad credit mortgages that were insured by FHA. If you do not meet the HARP refinance guidelines, consider some of the foreclosure prevention opportunities with loan modification programs that have become very popular with homeowners seeking an alternative to refinancing. There is a great article worth reading on HARP refinancing.

If you are unable to qualify for a traditional debt consolidation or a second mortgage, consider credit card debt settlement because there are law firms that specialize in debt relief that could help you eliminate your unsecured debt, saving up to 50% with the negotiated settlements.

Company History of Bridge Mortgages

In the spring of 2000, We opened another branch in San Diego, California. At one point, our company expanded with new branches in Alabama, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Louisiana, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Maryland, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida in order to meet the growing Home Refinancing demand for local markets. Today we have redirected our efforts to focus solely on providing a service that helps consumers shop for a wide range of home mortgages online.

Over the years, we have built good relationships with popular mortgage lenders that strive for industry leading market niches in government FHA loans, subprime mortgage, Alt A, and home equity loan programs. We can connect you with approved mortgage lenders that are authorized to originate first and second mortgage loans in most states.

Home Equity Loans

Shop for Lenders that can help you with Refinance, Purchase or Qualify to Get Cash Back by Refinancing or taking out a new home equity loans.

Our company is dedicated to providing useful information on superior home refinance loan and purchase products. We believe it is important to work with loan officers and mortgage processors that make it their mission to always offer friendly customer service.

Our lenders have automated the loan process making it easy for borrowers to get approved quickly online. Bridge can connect you with government approved mortgage lenders that offering reasonably priced FHA and VA home mortgages.

For borrowers who need concurrent refinancing, check out preferred lending partner, who provides combination "refinance mortgage" options that include 90 to 100% prime and FHA home mortgages.

Mortgage Refinancing - Great idea for 1st-time home-buyers. Our loan companies offer 100% home refinancing to $650,000 for VA loans and 97% for FHA mortgages up to $729,750 in applicable counties. Refinancing is an effective method for rolling all your credit card and variable interest debts into your mortgage can uncover real savings! There is no mortgage insurance required, but certain loan limits do apply.

Jumbo Home Loans - You can finance homes with jumbo mortgages from $417,000 up to $2,000,000 and still qualify for a competitive low rate that works within your budget. Ask our affiliate lending partners about the special rates that may be available for non-conforming and jumbo home loans in your state.

125% Mortgage - The 125% loan program is not available today. Not long ago, these loans were available to borrowers with excellent credit and high disposable income. The 125 loan program remains suspended, at least until the housing market corrects itself and lenders become more comfortable with the stability of home values. Ask you loan officer about your eligibility with the Home Affordable Refinance Program that enables borrowers to refinance their under-water 1st mortgages up to 125% if Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac own the mortgage note and the borrower meets the outlined criteria. Today's HARP refinance loan goes beyond 125% as now lenders are waiving any and all LTV restrictions that previously were hindering underwater mortgages from being refinanced.

VA Home Purchase Loans to 100% - Preserve your cash-flow. Veterans can finance the cost of buying the house and keep your money in the bank, because VA financing enables first time homebuyers to qualify for no money down loans. 100% financing is a reality with military financing that is guaranteed by the Department of Veteran Affairs. Rates on VA mortgage loans fell to a new record point for qualified veterans seeking a fixed 30-year term.

FHA Mortgage Refinancing for Poor Credit - Financing is available for borrowers that have at least 500 credit scores. In some cases, we can assist people with financing just one day out of Bankruptcy. Homeowners that are strapped with credit card debt or an adjustable rate mortgage should take advantage of these opportunities that could ensure thirty years of affordable loan payments. We continue to offer several bad credit mortgage options but we recommend fixed mortgage rate loans because of the unsteady economy and potential for rising interest rates in the near future. HUD announced another Obama bail-out loan called the FHA short refinance program. This is unique because the lender actually writes down the mortgage so it is considered a principal reduction.

Conventional Home Loans - Traditional mortgage lenders provide home loans that meet the Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac conforming guidelines for residential lending. Unfortunately most conventional lenders require significantly more for the down-payment when consumers are looking to purchase a new home. Stated income loans are no longer permitted with agency programs.

For more loan information about our guidelines for bad credit mortgages, prime rate home loans and home equity loans and interest rates, please discuss your financing desires with our lending partners.

Stay up to date with current mortgage industry news: We can help you manage your home finances wisely. Find the right debt consolidation solution for saving you money!

People with low credit scores should evaluate changing their lifestyles or consolidate debt into a loan with a fixed rate. 1st time homebuyers and existing homeowners can utilize FHA for home mortgages with only 3.5% down.
Want To Consolidate Credit Card Debt? Interest rates for credit cards have soared in recent years so we suggest refinancing adjustable rate credit with a loan that carries a fixed rate.
Finance a Home with Confidence! Buying a real estate is one of the most important financial decisions that you will ever make. Bridge has assembled a network of mortgage professionals that specialize in helping first time home buyers deal with the loan process. Our service agents will simplify the process for you, holding your hand through each step, from application to escrow closing. We will provide solid advice in the qualification phase so that you can make a sound choice when considering the myriad of home loan programs.

We can connect you with NMLS licensed agents to help you shop home mortgages that meet your goals.

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VA Home Loan Financing to 100% - If you meet the military home loan eligibility you will likely be blessed with the cheapest and least risky mortgage of your lifetime.

Conventional Home Mortgage Loans – Compare traditional home loan choices now while the rates are smoking!

FHA Home Refinance – The Federal Housing Administration continues to improve the federally insured refinancing plans.

Sub Prime Mortgage Tips – If you have little or no credit then you may be forced to consider some subprime loans, as a first time home buyer.

Obama Refinance – With the housing crisis looming over the double-dip recession, the Obama administration has addressed the need for helping homeowners find more affordable mortgage payments.

Harp Mortgage – The President endorsed a more aggressive relief plan with the 2.0 HARP refinance.

Government Refinance – There have never been more refinancing choices from the Federal Government than now.

Federal Home Loan – The government has essentially been subsidizing the bad credit home loans and interest rates over the last five or six years. These aggressive government loans will not be this appealing for much longer.

Home Refinancing

Are you looking for affordable short-term financing? The hybrid ARMS have increased the purchase power for millions of Americans in the past.

No Cost Home Loans
Refinance and Get Cash!

Zero Down Home Loan – Yes it is still possible to buy a home with little or even no money down. (For more information, see 100% Mortgage.)

History of Fannie Mae – Fannie Mae is a government sponsored enterprise that has had a major impact on the home loan industry over the last 40 years.

Home Equity Loans for Bad Credit – Many homeowners need cash but they do not want to refinance their 1st lien. We provide equity mortgages even for people with low credit scores.

Debt consolidation is a loosely used term today, but homeowners truly have distinctive opportunities to save money when consolidating bills, home mortgages and consumer loans than non-homeowners have with unsecured loans.

Manufactured Vs Modular Home Loans – Finance manufactured and modular homes cost effectively with Bridge.

Great Alternative to Filing Bankruptcy – In some cases home refinancing or debt consolidation can be an efficient solution for homeowners rather damaging their credit further with a bankruptcy.

Second Home Loan Financing – People who want to buy a second home or vacation property often get frustrated because most banks an lenders make second home financing more difficult than it needs to be.

2012 Conventional Loan Limits from Fannie Mae
Home Mortgage Limits
Effective January:
One-family loans: $417,000
Two-family loans: $533,850
Three-family loans: $645,300
Four-family loans: $801,950

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* Cash Out Equity Loan Refinancing
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* Home Improvement Loans
* Home Equity Credit Lines
* Interest Only Home Equity
* Cash Back Refinance
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Mortgage bankers and mortgages should consider migrating from direct mail advertising to internet marketing for cost effective online mortgage leads.

VA Home Mortgage Loans

Most veterans are eligible for a VA mortgage loan. Credit scores and income requirements are more flexible military financing than with conventional home loans. Get the scoop from multiple VA Loan Programs.

  • Zero Down required
  • No Mortgage Insurance
  • 100% Refinancing
  • Loan amounts up to $700,000
  • No Credit Home Loan
  • No Money Mortgage

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